Position Paper on Myopia in the 21st Century & its management by ECPs

May 2021

Commonly known as short-sightedness, people with Myopia experience blurred distance vision. This is due to fractive error caused by excessive growth of the eye (axial length). Therefore, myopic individuals require optical correction to experience clear vision. Worldwide, Myopia is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness and vision impairment in the working age population.

The prevalence of Myopia is increasing worldwide, including in Europe, where both the prevalence and magnitude (increased refractive error) of Myopia continue to increase at a substantial rate. By 2050, it has been estimated 1 in every 2 people may be myopic, with the prevalence significantly higher in younger generations.

The purpose of this Position Paper is to provide information, to Eye Care Professionals (ECPs), policy makers, parents and other health professionals, regarding guidance relating to Myopia & Myopia Management (Control) that will be of benefit to parents of children with Myopia.

Download the position paper here: Myopia in the 21st Century & its management by ECPs