Position paper on contact lens safety

June 2020

There are approximately 120 million contact lens wearers globally; with around 40 million in USA and 25 million in Europe. Therefore, contact lenses are a high volume, widely used device.

With professional advice, contact lenses can be used at any age, from newborns to the elderly. Contact lenses can be fitted for many eye and vision conditions as an alternative to eyeglasses/spectacles or refractive surgery. There are some eye conditions, for example keratoconus, where contact lenses provide superior vision correction and where they may be the only useful option.

In a new paper, ECOO offers guidance to wearers and professionals on how to ensure contact lens safety, including advice on correct management and regular eye checks and what to pay attention to with online purchase of contact lenses.

Download the paper here: ECOO Position Paper – Contact Lens safety