Diabetic Eye Disease Toolkit

March 2019

CaptureAs part of the  Retina Action Initiative, a “global initiative for a lifetime of vision”, ECOO has contributed to the development of an educational Toolkit on Diabetic Eye Disease (DED). The DED Toolkit (February 2019) is available here.

ECOO ensured that a section on “The Role of the Optometrist in Diabetes and Diabetic Eye Disease Management” was added, which highlights that optometrists are in the unique position to educate and counsel patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes. This section also notes that optometrists have come to play a key role in educating and encouraging people to make lifestyle changes, which helps to prevent retinopathy and reduces the need for people to visit a retina specialist. In this regard, optometrist should take a few extra minutes to provide clear and concise patient education, make patients aware of the need for timely eye care to reduce the risks of vision loss, and inform people of the importance of controlling systemic risk factors for the development and progression of DR and vision loss.