OCULUS: harmonizing optometric education

January 2017

According to estimates from the World Health Organization, approximatively 80% of global blindness is avoidable. Screening is essential to detect and remedy vision problems early on, and in many regions optometrists are the primary providers of this service. High prevalence of avoidable blindness and vision impairment are recognized as important public health concerns in India and Israel. One of the barriers that prevent these two countries from achieving better eye care for their citizens is a shortage of well-trained optometrists.

To address this situation, a new project led by a consortium of educators from optometry schools in Europe is looking to improve and reform existing curricula of optometric education in India and Israel to raise it to a high-standard level using the European Diploma in Optometry as a benchmark.

OCULUS (Optometry CUrriculum for Lifelong learning through ErasmUS) will employ a three-pillar strategy to reform optometric education in India and Israel. Amongst others, the project will also allow easier mobility between the regions. For more information, please visit the official European Commission webpage.

The first consortium meeting and workshop was held in Barcelona (Spain) on 21-25 November 2016. You can access the presentation here.

ECOO is proud to be an associated partner to this project and looks forward to providing progress updates when available.