ECOO publishes Blue Book 2015

April 2015

PRESS RELEASE: ECOO publishes Blue Book 2015 (pdf)

Download the Blue Book 2015 here

ECOO is pleased to announce the publication of its Blue Book 2015. The Blue Book is a valuable aggregation of information relating to the professions of Optometry and Optics in countries across Europe. Information is gathered through surveys from optometric and optical associations in member countries in Europe.

The objective of the ECOO Blue Book is to provide comparable and comprehensive data across Europe. The information gathered covers data on the number of professionals in the field of optics and optometry, the scope of competence of the professionals in their respective countries as well as the regulatory and educational environment.

ECOO first published the Blue Book in 2008, which has proven to be a valuable and useful source of information for professionals, policy-makers and academics.

“The Blue Book has had considerable success over the past years with many stakeholders using the information and calling for new data. We have therefore engaged in updating the data together with our members” says Paul Folkesson, ECOO President.

The updated Blue Book has also been created in close cooperation with the World Council of Optometry (WCO) which has adopted the idea and digitised the approach. A report can be seen for regions across the world from the WCO.

“The data clearly shows that the professional landscape is scattered and each country has its unique profile. However, comparison of these data over the years also demonstrates the progress the profession is making in terms of scope of practice and educational levels. We hope that the Blue Book contributes to a better understanding the professional landscape of optometry and optics in Europe” says Julie-Anne Little, ECOO Past President.

ECOO will update the Blue Book on a regular basis, in order to capture the data as a ‘snapshot’ every two years.

The Blue Book may be viewed and downloaded on the ECOO website: Click here for the direct link.